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I have documented my weight-loss journey under the user name VAMANOS at SparkPeople.com, and if you wish, you can read my blog, which began in 2010, there as well. You must establish a free account and add VAMANOS as a friend for my user page to be visible to you. Be aware I no longer advocate the same methods I did then, for the same reason that I’ll cite over and over in my posts here – they don’t work long-term.

However, there is a wealth of information and other stories at SparkPeople.com, some great tools to track nutrition and exercise, and membership is free. The weight-loss ‘ticker’ on my user page was added in August, 2016, when I discovered the information I present on this site, and is current. As with anything else, please verify what you read with multiple sources.

One more thing. I don’t reveal my real name for the simple reason that this is a dangerous world. People are harmed, even killed, for their opinions every day. While it isn’t impossible to find me, I try not to make it easy. I’m just the messenger. Please judge the message on its own merits.

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