Q Are you a doctor? What credentials do you have for posting this information?
A No, I’m not a doctor. Please read the Disclaimer page and my story in posts category Personal Results for the answers to your second question.

Q Do you have any experience with the concepts you’re exposing here?
A Yes. After extensive research, the results of which are summarized in my blog posts, I embarked on a Very Low Carb/High Fat diet with Intermittent Fasting, as recommended by Dr. Jason Fung. When I began this site, I had lost nearly 20 pounds in about 15 weeks, without hunger, without adding more exercise (I usually walk about 6 miles per week but that was not a new habit), and without counting calories. You can follow my progress here, or if you wish, at SparkPeople.com. My weight loss tracker is on my SparkPage – look for user VAMANOS. Sorry – you’ll have to add me as a friend, because there are crazy people out there, and my page is therefore set to private. Because I didn’t start tracking again until I had already lost a pound or two, the tracker is slightly behind my actual progress.

Q What about the products you recommend? Do you use them yourself?
A Yes. I’ve used or tested the products, for which I receive a modest commission to help fund this site, myself. While I don’t necessarily agree with everything anyone says, I have found these valuable enough that I’m willing to recommend them. Most have a money-back guarantee, so if you aren’t sure they’ll be valuable to you, why not take a look and decide for yourself?